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All about Spectrum Learning

At Spectrum Learning, we aim to help individuals to improve the quality of their lives through understanding and develop their brain functions.

These individuals include those with special needs, the hardworking underachievers and those top performers who wish to do even better. Over the years we have worked with children in the broad spectrum of special needs, as well as many high-performing individuals.

Our Neurofeedback Therapists

Our Neurofeedback therapists have the responsibility to enable you or your child to understand how his or her brain is responding to the Brain Exercise. All our Neurofeedback therapists progress through levels with increased knowledge and skills.

Ting Min Low
Ting Min holds a Bachelor’s Degree major in psychology from the National University of Singapore (2004). She joined Spectrum Learning as a Neurofeedback Therapist soon after graduation. She has provided neurofeedback therapist to clients from different backgrounds such as children with special needs, learning difficulties, for stress management and peak performance.
Stacey Lee Henderson

Bachelor of Psychology, James Cook University Singapore


Who we are

Dr Kenneth Kang Ph.D.



  • Ph.D. in Educational Psychology
  • Neurofeedback therapist (USA)
  • Natural health practitioner (BE)
    registered with the New Zealand Natural Health Charter
  • Post-graduate Diploma in Education (NIE, Singapore)


Dr. Kenneth Kang, Ph.D. (Ed Psyc) founded Spectrum Learning in 1995 as the first Neurofeedback center in Asia. Prior to establishing Spectrum Learning, Dr. Kang was an educator in a local school. He was very interested in the brain's role in the learning process. He often wondered why educators ignore the brain and focus on pedagogical issues. He felt strongly that understanding what goes on in the brain of students will help in the educational process tremendously. The 1990s was known as the decade of the brain. During this decade, there was an explosion of knowledge on how the brain works and how it can affect our learning, behaviour, well-being and performance. As such, he started Spectrum Learning to provide a brain-based approach to help enhance the learning abilities of everyone and improve their quality of life.

Dr. Kang brought neurofeedback into Asia in 1995 and started working with his students who failed despite remedial in school and tuition after school. He was amazed by the quantum improvements in the results of his students who had done neurofeedback. His clientele grew to include a wide variety of special needs children. Interestingly, those with high IQ and those students in very competitive schools also came for neurofeedback to help them do even better in their pursuit.

Dr. Kang knew that improving brain function and improving performance is a multifaceted discipline. He upholds a holistic approach and has incorporated balancing of biochemistry (through supplements and proper diet), physical exercise and changing attitudes into his programs.

Dr. Kang pioneered a Brain Mapping technique using QEEG. He calls it functional QEEG. This technique allows us to analyze how a subject utilizes his/her brain while on specific tasks. It can also reveal regions of the brain which are inactive, fatigued/exhausted or shut down while engaged on a task such as reading or solving a mathematic problem. The knowledge gained from this brain mapping is invaluable in understanding the learning characteristics of a subject and the innate talent they are bestowed with. This technique provides a map for designing an individualized brain exercise program using neurofeedback.

Dr. Kang is the founding member of EEG Associates (USA), an affiliate member of EEG Spectrum International (USA). He is well plugged into the Neurofeedback communities of the USA and Australia.