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He failed all subjects in P5. Remedial and tuition didn’t help at all! With the brain exercise program, he scored all A’s in his PSLE exams. He is a different person now. He is confident and his self-esteem has sky rocketed! I am so happy for him.

- Mother of a 12 year old boy with learning difficulties
My son C was treated by you a few years ago for dyslexia. C is doing very well in school. In fact, his nickname is 'Walking encyclopedia'. Not bad for a child who only began to read after his 6th birthday. Although we were doing the Doman program, I believe it was your treatment that was the final key that unlocked his brain. My husband and I will always be very grateful to you.

- Mother of a 6 year old boy diagnosed with severe dsylexia
Her ability to focus improved!! e.g. she will sit down to work on tasks for AN HOUR e.g. like transfer green beans with a spoon from a bowl to another bowl and cutting paper with scissors. Her latest achievement ability is hold a pencil and point at a black dot on a paper and counting 2 sec before joining to the next dot. In the past she used to be impulsive, when given a paper she will scribble without direction.

Also her language expression has improved. On Monday, I was in a shopping Mall looking at the pants for my son. As I held up the pants she responded 'Not nice' (without me asking her) and she asked me to move on to look for my husband instead.

Oh... just want to share my joy with all of you. She did well in her piano performance, she played (only right hand,) Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Her fingers control has improved so much that she will hold on to the key before moving to the next key. Wonderful!! Thank God!

- Gwen Chow’s mother

After the few modules of the Neurofeedback, Instructor from Glen Doman (GD) observed that the left hand dominance appearing much earlier than normal for Down syndrome kids. His language skill also has overtaken a boy who started GD a year earlier than Jared.

After 20 sessions of Neurofeedback, his speech is clearer, able to pronounce better. He is also more confident, sociable & does well academically.

After ten sessions of new protocol, he is able to process his thoughts & also expressive. For example, he used to choose the last options when given a choice. Now, he thinks about it & does not choose the last options. He knows very well what he wants & what to do during the Neurofeedback training (Jared decides on how many periods of training & at what locations to do).

- Mother of a 7 year old boy diagnosed with Down Syndrome


After starting the brain exercise program, his memory improved significantly. He started remembering where he left his clothes and what he ate for all his meals. His ability to understand also improved significantly. He was able to take instructions over the phone! This is amazing!

- Mother of a 12 year old boy diagnosed with severe autism
He is learning very well compared with 6 months ago. His attention span and focus is very good, better still than his classmates. His knowledge and ability to learn is good. He showed signs of thinking and reasoning which were not obvious before. His ability to stay on task and complete the task is far better compared with his classmates. His vocabulary is much wider and he is less anxious. His obsession for maps has toned down as other cognitive ability has increased.

- Sashank’s father
After 1 module of Neurofeedback, he is less fidgety, especially when he is in the car. In the past, he used to touch everything in the car with legs moving all over. Now he is able to sit properly & doesn’t touch things.

He is more cheerful. We are surprised that he asked for a book to read. In the past, he never liked reading. Now he read 50 pages at one go and finished the book in two days.

- Sascha Tay’s mother

He failed all subjects in P5. Remedial and tuition didn’t help at all! With the brain exercise program, he scored all A’s in his PSLE exams. He is a different person now. He is confident and his self-esteem has sky rocketed! I am so happy for him.

- Mother of a 6 year old boy diagnosed with severe dsylexia



After the first week of the Home Training Program, Xavier is able to spend lesser time in learning spelling. Before, he can spend the whole day to remember 5 words. He also remembers my mobile number and his emotion have improved compared to the past few weeks. In the second week of Home Training Program, he was able to remember my Chinese name.

- Xavier’s mother
When I come back home after work he says welcome like all the other normal children. He commented what he saw on the TV and on the street. I think it shows he has improved his memory. He also shows some interest and gets excited when he watches movies, news and sports program on TV. He makes comments whether or not the players play well. He has never shown this before.

- Phamh Khanh’s father
My son started the hair analysis in 2005. We discovered that he has high level of toxic matters. He was diagnosed as Asperger’s. He had short attention span, bad handwriting and cannot keep up with the activities and was exhausted easily. The toxic matters interfere with all his brain activities. On a ongoing basis, he continue to take the supplements as well as to cut down his diet on ocean catches.

In 2008, he did well academically and was top in Maths, Science and also English composition. We are still working hard on his second language because he was border line. We noticed that his handwriting, both Chinese and English, improved so much that we were extremely astonished. In terms of motor planning and initiative, we were also surprised at the vast improvement. We decided to verify it by doing yet another hair test. We were delighted to note that toxic matters came off sharply and the rest of the nutrients were all at the good range. This confirmed that the toxic matters were indeed interfering with his ability to perform well academically.

- Farrel Kang’s parents
After 1 month of Home Training Program, she appears to be more rested the next morning. Attention span is better. She passed her tests recently above borderline level. She used to fail all her tests.

- Rebecca Yip’s mother
Neurofeedback helps him to focus . His maths showed good improvement from 5/50 to 38/48.

- Marcus Chow
After doing the home training for 2 months , her focus was in top form and she managed to finish her homework in less than 1/3 of the time, handwriting was very neat, she was as if a changed girl.

- Estelle’s father
She is able to sit calmly and complete her homework. She used to need a lot of supervision and get distracted easily. Now she can ignore the distractions and complete her homework.

- Jenna Luhur’s mother

He can focus on tasks given to him and learns to relax. He is also able to understand and aware of surrounding and displays varied emotions.

- Kenny Tan’s mother


After completing 2 modules of NFB, he is more aware of his surroundings. He is able to express his feeling to his parents in a more direct and clearer manner. He voices out his objections to things he doesn’t like, unlike before, he would just kept quiet.

- Zhi Xiang’s sister

Her vocabulary has improved significantly. She is able to use words appropriately more frequent than before. She learns words from TV and everyday events and tries to use them in her conversation.

- Lai Yin


His sensory issue seems to be resolved. He is more aware of the surrounding. He knows what others are doing. He is now aware when his parents talk and would ask them to keep quiet while he is doing his work. He was also able to go on stage by himself during the school performance.

- Caleb
There is slight improvement in her composition, her essays are more organized and fluent.

- Chan Li Wen’s aunt
He sleeps better after alpha training at night.

- Ritesh’s mother