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Getting to the Top

Success is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration. We all know that hard work is the key to success. However, a lot of times, we may be putting in a lot of effort and time and trying very hard to achieve good performance, yet, despite all the hard work, things doesn’t turn out to be the way we want.


We came across students who have conducive learning environment, good education, and also attend supplementary or tuition classes; however, they are only doing average in class. An exercise for the brain to enhance the brainpower is really what is needed to train the brain to be more agile. Equipped with a more active and agile mind, you would find that you can learn better, absorb information faster and work more efficiently.


QEEG Brain Mapping

Different brainwave profiles are produced by different individuals even though they engaged in similar tasks. Some may be more left-brained while others are more right-brained. They show strength and weaknesses in different faculties of the brain. From the mapping, we get a better idea of how one utilizes the brain. With this information, a brain exercise program is then tailored for the individual to improve his/her mental functioning.

Brain Exercise using Neurofeedback

Individuals who are motivated to do well in this brain exercise, usually sees the benefit be it in their cognitive abilities, emotional well-being, calmer mind, better ability to handle stress etc. Following are some examples of benefits gained as a result of neurofeedback :

  • Improve learning
  • Improve languages
  • Improve memory
  • Increase attention span
  • Sharper and clearer mind
  • Improve focus
  • Better sleep
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Reduce stress

Testimonies from our clients


Good health, energetic body and mind are important assets to keep you competitive among your peers. Proper nutrition plays an important role. Research studies have shown that taking the right nutrition can help to improve our IQ and learning ability.

How do we determine the “right” nutrition for our body? As we are all bio-chemically different, what serves as good nutrition for others may not be good for you. There are now tests available to ascertain your individual nutritional requirements. Use these tools to plan your dietary/ supplementation plan wisely!