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Peak Performance

When you are the best, or one of the best in your field, your only competitor is yourself. If you enjoy being at the top, you will find ways to perform at your best to achieve that peak performance every time you are challenged. In today’s competitive and ever changing world, one has to work hard to be at the top.

Staying physically fit through proper exercise, diet and individualized nutrition are just the basics. Learning life skills such as time management, socialization and successful habits are now common place. The race to be the best has now reached the mind! Many coaches are now using mind techniques such as meditation and visualization to help their clients achieve a razor sharp mind. Some are even using techniques such as hypnosis and sublimal messages to remove subconscious hindrances.


QEEG Brain Mapping

Now, we have truly brain based methods to help one achieve peak performance. Our QEEG brain mapping can be used to understand how one utilizes the brain. This mapping is scientific and objective as we measure and analyze the brain waves from an individual to determine area of weakness in mental functioning. With this information, we can tailor a brain exercise program to help one improve in mental regulation to allow him/her to perform at their best over and over again.

Over the years, we have analyzed the QEEG of many brilliant scholars, top athletes, outstanding professionals and successful business people. We have helped many of them to perform to their best under tremendous stress and competition.

Brain Exercise using Neurofeedback

Our brain exercise program is based on our QEEG brain mapping analysis. It is tailored to meet the needs of the individual. The brain exercise aims to train the brain to be agile so as to improve self regulation. The ability to self regulate means that one can activate the appropriate parts of his/her brain for specific tasks and/or shut down other parts if they are not required for the tasks. The ability to relax and recharge the brain is also an important skill learnt during the brain exercise program. In the advanced program, multiple locations on the brain are trained to work together in harmony. All these exercise will increase mental stamina and increase mental endurance. This will allow one to stay sharp and focus under enormous mental stress.


Diet and individualized nutrition are the basics. We utilize a variety of laboratory tests to identify your nutritional and dietary needs.