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At Spectrum Learning, we put our customers first! We have packaged our Brain Exercise (Neurofeedback) programs to be low cost and as convenient as possible without sacrificing quality. Our In-house sessions are done one-to-one. We are the first to offer a Do-It-Yourself home neurofeedback program. Our frequent diligently reviews ensure that the training is done correctly and effectively.

For Brain Exercise using neurofeedback, we offer In-House programs, D.I.Y Home programs and Home visits by our travelling practitioners. We also provide QEEG Brain Mapping services so that you can understand how one utilizes his/her brain, and for us to design a tailored brain exercise program.

We use a variety of laboratory tests to assess your biological terrain. This includes urine tests for organic acids, oxalates, peptides and other metabolites; blood tests for food allergies (IgE and IgG); and hair analysis for exposure to heavy metals.


Services Offered

Neurofeedback Services

In-House Brain Exercise (Neurofeedback) programs
D.I.Y Home programs
Home Visits programs

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QEEG Brain Mapping

QEEG Brain Mapping assess how one is utilizing his/her brain. Reveals areas of strong activities and areas which shutdown while on mental tasks such as reading and problem solving.

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Lab Tests

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis
Organic Acids, Oxalates, Peptides and other metabolites
Food Allergies

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