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Learning Difficulties

More and more children these days have learning difficulties which are do not fall into any diagnostic categories. Many of these children have short attention spans and poor focus but are not ADHD. Despite remedial lessons in school and tuition after school, they continue to fail in tests and examinations. They learn very slowly and seem to have no motivation to study. However, some are conscientious and hard working.


QEEG Brain Mapping

In our routine QEEG brain mapping, we found that many of these children have cortical fatigue or exhaustion. Their arousal level is very poor and their brain seems to shut down whenever they try to study. For some of them, while they can increase their arousal level, they are not able to increase the cortical cell activities (reflected in Beta brain waves) associated with study. QEEG brain mapping provide important information to design an individualized brain exercise program.

Brain Exercise using Neurofeedback

Using our brain exercise program, we can exercise specific parts of the brain involved in arousal and academic study. The exercise can increase arousal required for active study and also increase the Beta brainwaves required for cognitive functions such as think and reasoning.

Benefits of brain exercise include:

  1. Increase IQ score
  2. Better attention and focus
  3. Improve memory
  4. Faster cognitive processing – more spontaneous respond
  5. Improve grades in examinations
  6. Improve self esteem

Biochemistry Intervention

Many research studies show that there are numerous causes that result learning difficulties. These include:

  • Food allergies
    • IgG, IgE
    • Leaky guts
  • Excessive organic acids and/or oxalates due to yeast and bacteria overgrowth
  • Poor digestion
  • Heavy metal accumulation
  • Nutritional imbalances

We have helped many special needs to improve their quality of life! Our brain exercise program and biochemistry intervention can help the special needs child tremendously! Wait no more! Take action now!